Bulk Chemical Process Delivery Systems

Bulk Chemical Process Delivery Systems

Chemical Precursor Delivery Systems

Containing and delivering precursor chemicals into any industrial process inevitably presents many engineering considerations and challenges.  Many chemical precursors are both corrosive and harmful to the environment, understanding the corrosive properties of the chemical precursors to be delivered to the process is vital in selecting suitable fabrication materials for fabricating the delivery system.  Orbital specialise in orbital welding stainless steel and hastelloy alloys along with expertise in fabricating tungum, inconel and other specialised alloys and steels.

Pressurised chemical precursors systems present a different set of engineering challenges.  Fabricating pipework and pressure vessels to ASMI and PED regulations requires specialist engineering skills. Orbital can design, manufacture and pressure test to meet ASMI and PED regulations and have on-site facilities to accommodate 3rd party inspection.

Systems for use in hazardous (explosive) areas zones 1 & 2 are our speciality.  We have in-house design expertise not only to specify and manufacture hazardous area systems but on completion of the installation we will deliver hazardous area drawings for the system and plant.

At our site in Staffordshire we have two large manufacturing workshops capable of housing large scale manufacturing assemblies.

In addition, equipment suitable for outdoor use, such as analyser kiosks and chemical process skids, can be built within our substantial outdoor assembly areas which are fully equipped for this purpose.

Orbital will organise the entire construction design and management (CDM) of the system installation for you:  Our management teams will manage all on site activities including any civils site work required.