Our Projects Portfolio

For more than twenty five years Orbital has successfully completed projects ranging from small systems to key national infrastructure works. The following are just some examples of the projects completed to date.

Natural Gas Quality Analysis Systems

Natural Gas Quality Analysis SystemsThe changing marketplace with respect to the supply of Natural Gas for the UK has resulted in the requirement to enhance gas measurements at the entry points to the transmission system. Between 2005 and 2008 many of these measurement points have been upgraded by Orbital to increase the response times and frequency of measurement of properties including CV, hydrocarbon / water dew point, H2S and total sulphur measurement. Orbital was awarded the contract for the design, installation and commissioning of these systems. As part of the scope of works, fiscal ultrasonic meters and turbine meter skids were included at a number of the sites. Orbital have recently won a major contract to install the first two enhanced gas measurement project systems for the second installation phase.

Natural Gas Odorant Injection Systems

Natural Gas Odorant Injection SystemsA total of 134 odorant injection systems were manufactured, installed and commissioned over a period of 18 months at all UK gas network entry points. Orbital are the UK representatives in the UK for YZ systems, the world’s leading supplier of odorant injection technology. Orbital supplied the complete odorant systems including odorant tank, sample system, injection system etc as well as conducting all site civils works. Similar systems have been installed for Wales & West, BP and Bord Gais

Remote Telemetry Units
Remote Telemetry UnitsOrbital have manufactured, installed and commissioned numerous RTU systems including systems in conjunction with Laing O’Rourke for Wales & West at 9 gas AGI sites throughout the UK. Similar Ulysses RTU systems have been installed for National Grid at various LNG storage, gas terminals and AGI sites at a number of UK locations. Recently Orbital has secured a major contract with National Grid to install a new generation of RTU systems. The new project involves installations at 70 sites country wide, and will include the specification, procurement, installation and commissioning differential pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and uninterruptable power supplies, as well as numerous other equipment. The project will be completed over the next three years.

Liquid precursor delivery systems
Liquid precursor delivery systemsOver the past few years there have been some major development in glass technology, particularly in glass coatings. One of their newest product developments is Self-Cleaning Glass which gives the glass self-cleaning and solar control properties. Orbital have worked with the UK’s leading glass manufacturing company to manufacture the materials delivery systems for use in glass coating production lines across the world. Orbital worked on the project from the early stages of the process development almost six years ago, installing the first system on a prototype production plant in Germany. Since this time Orbital has worked closely with the client to develop a standardised precursor materials delivery system which can be installed at any of the client’s new production facilities throughout the world.

Systems manufactured by Orbital are now installed on glass lines in Germany, Australia, USA and at the UK site in St Helens.

DCS and SCADA Systems

DCS and SCADA SystemsThe design, supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement DCS system at Bacton gas terminal, the installation was carried out live to allow the site to remain operational whilst the change over was carried out (Hot Swap) . The installation incorporated flow and pressure control into the feeder manifolds interfacing with over 240 valves and 180 instruments and the PID control of all FCV / PCV’s on site for balancing of manifold / feeder flow and pressures.

Marine engine emissions analysis systems

Marine engine emissions analysis systemsAs a leading supplier of air pollution monitoring systems, it was logical for Orbital to diversify our applications base from the traditional industrial and incineration markets into marine engine emissions monitoring. Marine legislation to minimise the impact of air pollution from ships has changed dramatically over the past few years; the need to measure NOx, SOx & CO2 emissions from marine diesel engines on commercial freight ships is now a necessity in most geographic operating zones. As an OEM supplier of emissions monitoring components, Orbital worked several years ago with a major UK marine industry supplier to get the Siemens Ultramat NDIR analyser and associated gas conditioning components incorporated into a type approved (LR & DNV) onboard emissions system.

Over the past five years Orbital have supplied emissions monitoring components for use in well over fifty marine engine emissions analysis systems for use on both commercial freight and ocean liner vessels.

Fiscal Metering –USM and Turbine

Fiscal Metering –USM and TurbineThroughout the past years Orbital have supplied, installed and commissioned numerous fiscal metering systems at UK sites. We have installed systems and skids for, amongst others, National Grid, Wales and West, Centrica, Centrax, Uskmouth and Dragon LNG. At Dragon LNG Milford Haven we worked in conjunction with AMEC to design, manufacture, install and commission two 6 inch & 8 inch USM metering skids. Over the last few years, Orbital have worked in partnership with SICK for the supply of ultrasonic meters.

Fiscal Metering – Orifice plate metering

Fiscal Metering – Orifice plate meteringOrbital are currently working on a major project in conjunction with GL Industrial Services to replace existing Orifice plate gas metering systems. The project involves the supply, installation and commissioning of orifice plates, pressure transmitters, flow computers (and other associated components) at 23 National Grid sites across the UK ; the sites in question are all sites supplying large industrial users,  for example power stations. Some orifice plate metering systems are to be replaced with ultrasonic meters. A key feature of this project is that there must be no loss of metering during installation and commissioning.

Petroleum and Biofuel delivery systems

Petroleum and Biofuel delivery systemsInstallations include both above ground and below ground fuel storage tanks, interceptor tanks, double skinned fuel delivery lines, pumping and level measurement systems and dispensers. Traditionally fuels have been petroleum blends and diesels, recently however blended Biofuels such as E15 and E85 have become commonplace both in research facilities and now in production facilities. Biofuel delivery systems differ in that all components must be ethanol compatible which inevitably means that delivery systems are of stainless steel construction with special design considerations made to the solubility of ethanol with water.

Orbital have installed and commissioned fuel delivery systems at numerous sites throughout the UK including Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW and Triumph.