Remote Telemetry Units

Remote Telemetry Units

In certain industry sectors such as the oil, gas, water and electricity transmission systems or for large installations such as oil fields and mines etc, the control and monitoring of geographically large areas is key to their everyday operations and the use of remote telemetry units (RTUs) is an important part of their installation infrastructure. Such installations are usually based around SCADA, and to a lesser extent DCS control philosophies a part of which is to utilise remote telemetry as a means of communication across large areas.

Orbital designed, installed and commissioned the SCADA system at Bacton National Grid terminal and have installed numerous RTU systems across the UK. Clearly the detailed functionality of RTUs is specific to individual control systems; at Orbital we have the in-house expertise necessary to take on RTU installation projects of any size.

Orbital has a team of dedicated RTU software engineers focusing specifically on designing control systems.  All RTUs are designed, assembled and tested at our site in Staffordshire where we have a team of highly experienced EC&I design engineers in our project offices, assembly experts in our workshops and dedicated test and commissioning engineers in our test area.  We have fully working RTU systems on our site where we can conduct full factory acceptance tests and full end to end commissioning with client’s control systems.  On the client’s site we can not only install systems but also conduct any necessary site civils works that may be required.  All RTU systems undergo full end to end testing with the client’s control system.

Orbital have manufactured, installed and commissioned numerous RTU systems including systems in conjunction with Laing O’Rourke (for Wales & West) at AGI sites throughout the UK.  Similar RTU systems have been installed for National Grid at various LNG storage, gas terminals and AGI sites at  various UK locations. Recently, Orbital secured a major contract with National Grid to install a new generation of RTU systems at over 70 sites across the UK. The RTU incorporates satellite telemetry, dual communications ports to allow hot swapping of components, custom generic platform software with site specific physical I/O and modbus registers etc, bespoke HMI and remote access and diagnostics.

The project will be completed over the next three years.