Effective Emissions Monitoring

Emissions monitoring is necessary to comply with government regulations, to address environmental concerns and to maintain process control.

Often, emission monitoring systems can be prone to faults, with unstable systems allowing particulates to be incorrectly filtered and high water vapor levels/corrosive components left in the gas stream. This can damage the system, causing long term problems, and create an unreliable sample.

Orbital deploys decades of experience in designing and manufacturing custom-built CEMS systems for a variety of sites. Obtaining an accurate design specific to each site’s requirements is of utmost importance to provide a gas analysis system that is reliable and meets MCERTS standards, with excellent longevity and stability.

Why Choose Orbital?

Orbital’s CEMS systems are reliable, stable and always meet exacting standards.

Orbital’s CEMS Applications:

  • Power stations
  • Waste incineration (household and clinical)
  • Steel mills
  • Chemical industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Mining and smelting
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • LNG plants
  • Landfill sites
  • Crematoriums

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