BioMethane Systems Beyond Today’s Standards

Orbital Gas Systems’ BioMethane systems comply with all the required international network entry standards and are available internally via our offices.

Why Choose Us for Renewable Natural Gas Technology?

From its inception Orbital has been involved in the control of BioMethane, or Renewable Natural Gas to grid. In fact our background in environmental and renewables analysis goes back more than 30 years to protecting basic landfill gas generators.

Orbital’s recognized expertise in energy measurement, process control and odorisation offered a complete package that led to designing, building and instigating the very first UK BioMethane-To-Grid system.

Orbital successfully designed a durable and cost effective solution to take Methane from the Anaerobic digestion of waste, condition it and inject the resulting transmission quality gas into a pipeline. This was shortly followed by a number of high profile projects ramping up the scale and potential of this energy source.


Today, Orbital’s BioMethane systems range from basic monitoring through complete “flange-to-flange” solutions that include:

  • Energy measurement
  • Gas quality measurements
  • Fiscal metering system
  • Pressure control including slam-shut valve
  • Interface control rack / flow computation rack
  • Gas odorisation system
  • BioMethane recirculation facility
  • Reject gas pressure control
  • Orbital liquid propane injection system

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