Renewable Energy for the Agriculture Sector

Orbital Gas Systems can provide waste-to-grid solutions that reduce your farm’s greenhouse gas emissions while creating a new line of income. Using renewable energy technology as a farm solution can be a win-win.

Implementing technologies such as anaerobic digestion plants make it possible to convert organic wastes from food, manures and crops into tomorrow’s power — including renewable electricity, renewable natural gas and renewable fuels. Waste-to-energy and broader waste-to-grid efforts are creating renewable and reliable sources of energy while having a positive impact on our environment.

There is a world of potential in renewable farm solutions that the U.S. agriculture market has yet to tap into on a large scale.  Orbital has been active for the past decade in many U.K.-based renewable initiatives, from converting dairy farm waste into green gas to using biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas (RNG), to provide heating and cooking solutions for rural homes.

Expertise for Farm Solutions

Orbital has the experience to provide proven renewable solutions to U.S. farm operations including:

  • Biomass energy
  • Waste-to-grid solutions
  • Manure-based biogasification
  • Gas-to-grid injection
  • Biogas upgrading to biomethane
  • Biofuels
  • Creating sustainable and fossil-free energy solutions

Our Experience

  • Orbital is a pioneer of injecting biomethane into the natural gas market.
  • Orbital has 10+ years of experience in maximizing production for RNG from your waste
  • Planning, building, operating and maintaining your RNG site with option for you to own 100% of the plan