Customised Systems

Orbital provides customised supervisory and control systems for a range of applications, including monitoring a small process, automating part of a plant or complex DCS system requirements.

Orbital’s software department works with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce supervisory racks for small, medium and large hardware requirements.

Why Choose Orbital?

Orbital’s engineers and service experts are practiced in developing customised solutions, whatever the clients’ supervisory and control needs might be. We can either include a supervisory system to complement one of our own solutions, or a system not supplied by Orbital.

Orbital’s supervisory and control systems applications:

  • Hazardous area
  • Small process monitoring systems
  • Automation
  • Complex PLC and HMI systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Data logging systems
  • Metering and flow computer applications
  • Analytical control and supervisory systems
  • DCS/SCADA applications

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Supervisory and controls


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