A Trusted & Experienced Industry Partner

Orbital is a provider of custom-built engineering solutions, and has the capabilities at its state-of-the-art UK head office to provide systems that meet the needs of the most demanding of clients. With 45,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, Orbital’s UK base supports projects globally. Orbital also provides local support from its global bases.

Having delivered innovations that have redefined international standards, Orbital now handles hundreds of contracts ranging in value to multi-million dollar global projects on a regular basis. We are equipped to handle large scale projects and are able to acquire additional resources when necessary.


  • The Didcot Project
    Orbital built the very first UK Biomethane to Grid (BtG) system and continues to lead this market for technology and quality. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY
  • Peacehill Farm
    The project for Peacehill Farm located in Newport-on-Tay Scotland, required a close collaboration between Envitec Biogas, CNG services and Peacehill Farm Ltd. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY
  • Seven Installed Biomethane Sites
    In 2014, Orbital demonstrated its amazing capabilities and completed a massive challenge in the biomethane market. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY
  • Helical Strakes: Lab Testing Thermowells & Sample Probes
    Orbital Gas Systems, in partnership with Daily Thermetrics, conducted flow testing on May 1, 2017, at a respected North American independent metering research facility. This first-of-its-kind test proved the effects of vortex-induced-vibration on traditional… View Article
  • Elimination of Vortex Induced Vibration
    Elimination of Vortex Induced Vibration in sample probes and thermowells using helical strakes; a report on the development, testing and proving of a helical design. Vortex induced vibration (VIV) is a phenomenon experienced by… View Article
  • GasPTi for the Glass Industry
    GasPTi for the glass industry – take control of your industrial processes Given the quantities of Natural Gas consumed during large industrial operations such as glass manufacture, even very slight changes in gas quality… View Article
  • GasPTi-LP for Furnace Control Case Study
    Based on a real application, some assumptions are made regarding the operating conditions of a typical furnace and the variations which can be expected in gas quality that will inevitably affect the setting of… View Article
  • H2S Comparison Testing: VE Technology Versus Conventional System
    Orbital conducted a H2S comparison testing between its VE Technology system and a conventional system, to demonstrate the benefits of VE Technology. Orbital tested the client’s chromatograph and the pipeline simulator. Results The results were… View Article
  • VE Technology: A More Accurate Solution to Trace Mercury Sampling
    VE Technology is an innovative sampling philosophy that solves problems associated with traditional trace mercury sampling techniques. Traditionally, trace mercury sampling requires a sample of natural gas, of known or measured mass, to be passed… View Article
  • VE Technology: Sampling of Trace Moisture and Mercury for the Production of LNG
    Traditional methods for measuring moisture and mercury in LNG samples are inefficient and unlikely to provide accurate, effective and reliable sampling results. The VE Technology in-bed sample probe provides solutions to the problems encountered… View Article
  • GasPTi – Plug & Play Case Study
    GasPTi is a fully integrated solution, incorporating the unique features of VE Technology and the unrivalled performance of the GasPT; performing every function required to take a sample and provide a data output. To… View Article