VE Technology: Sampling of Trace Moisture and Mercury for the Production of LNG

December 14, 2016

Traditional methods for measuring moisture and mercury in LNG samples are inefficient and unlikely to provide accurate, effective and reliable sampling results. The VE Technology in-bed sample probe provides solutions to the problems encountered with current sampling methods and introduces major improvements to gas sampling systems.


Orbital’s VE Technology utilizes a number of basic principles to ensure that the sample retains its identity from probe tip to ‘trap’ point. Despite the accuracy of the analyzer, if the sample has lost its unique composition or ‘identity’ between pipeline and analysis, the readings are invalidated. The consequences of receiving incorrect data can be worse than receiving no data at all.


Every aspect of the VE Technology system has been designed and built to ensure the sample is representative and has the correct identity. Typical systems do the best they possibly can with components and ‘concepts’ that are available on the market. The VE Technology system starts from the probe tip and delivers the ultimate solution for maintaining sample identity for trace moisture and mercury sampling in LNG production applications.

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