Innovative Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

We provide waste-to-grid solutions in an effort to partner with nature to provide solutions for a greener future. That’s the Orbital vision.

Converting Waste to Power

Orbital renewable experts can assist with:

  • Farmer partnerships
  • Operational financing
  • Renewable natural gas development
  • Dairy digester development
  • CAPEX and OPEX projection
  • Site plans
  • 24/7  operations support

Renewable Natural Gas Integrators

Planning, building, operating and maintaining your RNG site with options for you to own 100% of the plant is just one benefit of working with Orbital. We have experience and capabilities industries need.

  • 30+ RNG-to-grid systems
  • Customized waste-to-power plant development
  • Production of biofuels
  • Biomethane generation for gas network injection
  • Electrical generation

World leader in the design, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of biomethane-to-grid systems.

Industry leader in the integration of biomethane gas systems, with engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance capabilities in North America.

Renewable Solutions

Orbital Gas Systems offers the following renewable solutions.


  • The Didcot Project
    Orbital built the very first UK Biomethane to Grid (BtG) system and continues to lead this market for technology and quality. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY
  • Peacehill Farm
    The project for Peacehill Farm located in Newport-on-Tay Scotland, required a close collaboration between Envitec Biogas, CNG services and Peacehill Farm Ltd. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY
  • Seven Installed Biomethane Sites
    In 2014, Orbital demonstrated its amazing capabilities and completed a massive challenge in the biomethane market. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY