GasPT: An Online Gas Properties Analyser

Orbital is a customized solutions provider. Orbital’s design engineers will work alongside you to develop an analytical system that perfectly fits your needs. GasPT, or “Gas Properties Transmitter,” is an online analyser that provides the following physical properties of natural gas:

  • Calorific Value (CV) / British Thermal Unit (BTU)
  • Wobbe Index (WI)
  • Relative Density (RD)
  • Compression Factor (Z)
  • Methane Number (MN)
  • Total Air Requirements (TAR)
  • MON
  • SOS
GasPT Project

The innovative use of proven technology combined with industry proven analytical experience has resulted in a breakthrough in measurement − GasPT.

Using three discrete sensors the instrument derives the critical properties of natural gas:

  • Density
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Primary influencing inert gas

Along with the measured elements GasPT infers a composition for the natural gas mixture, which it then uses to calculate gas properties via ISO6976.



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