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Orbital has more than 30 years of experience in delivering sampling solutions, such as trace measurement, CV and complex or difficult to monitor processes for varied applications, supplying standard and custom-built solutions to a wide range of industries. Orbital developed VE Technology to create a sampling system that simply does the job better than ever before.

The sampling probe and sample system is designed for the representative measurement of CV and trace elements such as moisture, H2S and mercury faster, more simply and more efficiently.

sampling probe
  • VE Fixed or Retractable Sampling Probe
    • Patented helical strakes to eliminate vortex shedding and the need for wake calculations
    • Patented aerodynamic probe tip to actively reject particulate minimizing the need for filtration and allowing a small bore to optimize sample transit time
  • VE Conditioning Unit
    • Eliminating retrograde condensation due to the Joule Thomson effect
  • VE Sample System
    • Simple, optimized system to deliver representative sample to any analyser with no dead volume, threaded connections or components in the sample pathway
    • Simple concepts and decades of detailed engineering allows very quick and simple customization to suit any application

VE is a system designed to deliver a fast, accurate and truly representative sample to any analyser.

  • Vortex shedding eliminated
  • Sample taken from central 1/3 of pipeline in practically any application
  • Aerodynamic sampling probe tip ensures particulate is actively rejected to minimize filtration and avoid contamination of samples
  • Reduced internal volume with all surfaces electropolished (and coated when required) for optimum response
  • Preheats the gas to avoid retrograde condensation due to the Joule Thomson effect
  • All components and other flow disturbing elements removed from sample pathway
  • Precise flow and pressure control and monitoring with full ASME/PED approved relief valve
  • Easy validation and backflush built into the sample probe and system
VE Sample Systems

Orbital’s sampling system applications:

  • Natural gas sampling
  • Trace element sampling
  • Moisture sampling
  • Mercury sampling
  • Oil sampling
  • Chemical sampling
  • Continuous automated and manual sample systems
  • LNG sample systems
  • Bespoke sample conditioning units
  • Tailored solutions for drier beds, MRUs, fiscal metering, super critical phase process and many more
  • VE sampling technology

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VE Technology® is exclusively licensed to Orbital Energy Group


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