VE Technology: A More Accurate Solution to Trace Mercury Sampling

December 14, 2016

VE Technology is an innovative sampling philosophy that solves problems associated with traditional trace mercury sampling techniques. Traditionally, trace mercury sampling requires a sample of natural gas, of known or measured mass, to be passed over a gold-quartz or activated carbon cartridge or ‘trap’ in a glass tube, at low pressure. All the mercury in the sample is adsorbed on the gold/carbon within the tube. The glass tube is then placed in the analyzing instrument, which liberates the mercury from the trap in a way that allows the total mass of mercury to be measured. In this way, by comparing the total mass of mercury measured to the total mass of gas sampled, the concentration of mercury in the natural gas can be determined.

Solution: Technology

VE Technology accomplishes more accurate trace mercury sampling by:

  • Deploying a unique, aerodynamic probe tip that dynamically rejects particulates and droplets from entering the sample system, thereby practically eliminating the need for filtration (a small, flow through, SilcoNert™ coated filter is provided for protection).
  • Utilizing a probe tip profile that eliminates aerosol generation.
  • Utilizing a probe profile that eliminates vortex-induced vibration so sampling from within the process causes no concerns for the plant or pipeline operator.
  • Using a true heat exchanger that protects every molecule from Joule Thomson cooling problems. Designed, approved and certified for use in the most arduous explosive atmospheres and extremes of environment. It is ATEX and IECEx approved Zone 0 (Baseefa10ATEX0249X).
  • Using a 2 mm (0.08 in.) diameter sample pathway from probe tip plus minimal possible diameter changes in system, preventing recirculation of sample gas.
  • Ensuring all wetted surfaces are electropolished and SilcoNertTM treated.



Every aspect of the VE Technology system has been designed and built to ensure the sample is representative and has the correct identity. Typical systems do the best they possibly can with components and ‘concepts’ that are available on the market. The VE Technology system starts from the probe tip and delivers the ultimate solution for maintaining sample identity for trace mercury sampling.

Download the case study.