Full Scope of Services for Renewable Projects

Orbital Renewables provides end-to-end renewable energy solutions to ensure every step of a project is meticulously managed to ensure full compliance, efficiency and maximum return on investment. Take a look at how our end-to-end solutions generally work.

Site Identification

  • Financial Analysis/Project Valuation
  • Identify the Viability of New Sites
  • Condition and Proximity of Road Infrastructure
  • Proximity of the Natural Gas Grid
  • The Volume of Waste Arisings
  • The Potential Offtakes for the Digestate
  • Site Viability and Preliminary Planning Opportunity to the Investor 

Project Planning

  • Liaise with Landowner on Option-to-Purchase/Lease
  • Secure Gas Grid Reserve and Interconnection Agreement & Easements
  • Secure Electric Grid Connection to Support Plant’s Electricity Needs
  • Full Feedstock Residue and Waste Arising Study to Maximize Low CI RNG Production
  • Technology Selection, Evaluation, Pricing and Scope
  • Outline Designs, Feedstocks, Mass Balance and Financial Modeling
  • Carbon Capture and Digestate Procession Options
  • Carbon Intensity Modeling
  • All Planning and Environmental Applications Including Designs, Inputs and Outputs

Preliminary Project Design

  • Detailed Plant Design Including Interface Management
  • Environmental Emission and Containment Plan
  • Value Engineering to Reduce Life Cycle Costs, Including OPEX and Staffing Costs
  • Financial Modeling Detailing Up To 20-Year Projected Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Capital Allowances, Cash Flows, Investment Returns with Pre/Post Tax and Interest

Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction

  • Project Management/Interface Management
  • Summary of Design Standards and Regulations
  • Detailed Engineering Design as Required to Achieve Safe, Efficient Construction
  • Design Reviews to Ensure Safe Operations, Reliability and Maintainability
  • Procurement and Contract Services Including Required Site Planning and Vendor Expediting
  • Detailed Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Protocol and Safety Culture Expectations
  • Construction Management and Planning
  • Multi-discipline Site Construction Contracted Appropriately for Size, Complexity and Site-Specific Logistics
  • Construction Vendor Inspection
  • Commissioning, Start-Up and Operating Procedures

Operations & Maintenance

  • Financial & Leadership Services to Establish, Maintain and Audit Governance Functions
  • Compile Protocol & Procedures Required for Safe, Reliable Operations
  • Drive Safety First and Cost-Effective Culture
  • Establish Trained Operating Team Commensurate with Facility Size and Complexity
  • Implement a Preventative Maintenance Program to Preserve the Useful Life of Assets
  • Monitor the Facility Performance, Minimizing Biological & Environmental Issues
  • Manage Carbon Intensity and Feedstock Monitoring, and Other Analysis as Required to Optimize the Operation of the Asset
  • Continuously Monitor Renewable Markets and Technologies to Act on Opportunities and Best Practices to Improve Efficiency and Profitability