GasPTi – Plug & Play Case Study

December 12, 2016

GasPTi is a fully integrated solution, incorporating the unique features of VE Technology and the unrivalled performance of the GasPT; performing every function required to take a sample and provide a data output. To name just a few of the benefits associated with the GasPTi, it has less than +0.5% error on measured values for Calorific Value and Wobbe Index, the total system response time is from 10 seconds, there are no requirements for carrier or calibration gases and there is a quick and simple installation with no civil works required.

Recently an Orbital engineer completed two installation-and-commissioning jobs over 1000 miles apart from one another. The first of the two jobs was pre-installed by the client and after a couple of hours from arriving on site the commissioning was complete and the client had stable and validated data output. This perfectly captured and conveyed the key feature above: a quick and simple install. Upon arriving on the second site, our engineer soon found that this system had not been touched by the end user. The GasPTi was still in a securely fastened shipping crate, with 4 inches of snow on top. However, within half a day the GasPTi unit was unpacked, installed and logging data to the client’s control system. Again, all that needed to be done on the second day was a site visit to make sure that the client was satisfied with the install and the GasPTi was running well – and again, all was well and the client was astonished with how easy it was to take the complete journey from shipping crate to reliable output of gas quality data.

To conclude, within one working week, which included one day of travel between sites, an engineer from Orbital Global Solutions installed, commissioned and confirmed client satisfaction of two GasPTi systems. To install and commission a single conventional gas sampling and analysis system may take days or even weeks if all associated works, equipment and testing are considered. This is proof that the GasPTi is not a gimmick, but a legitimate advantageous alternative to conventional gas quality monitoring installations.

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