GasPTi-LP for Furnace Control Case Study

January 5, 2017

Based on a real application, some assumptions are made regarding the operating conditions of a typical furnace and the variations which can be expected in gas quality that will inevitably affect the setting of control system parameters. This note is produced to demonstrate the typical improvements, savings and payback which can be expected with the installation of a fast and accurate measurement of Calorific Value (CV) as provided by the GasPTi Gas Properties Transmitter.


From the above data the conclusion is that by reducing the excess air level and controlling the furnace with instantaneous CV data rather than several hours delay then the fuel savings which can be made by reduction to 20% excess air will be between 5% and 8%.

Our example boiler/furnace has a gas supply of 1300m3/hr at CV 10.5kWh/m3 giving 13,650 kWh/hr at say 3p/kWh or fuel cost of £410/hr. A 5% saving in fuel cost would give savings of some £500/day and a consequential payback of the GasPTi-LP purchase and installation within two months.

Click to download the case study.