GasPTi for the Glass Industry

January 14, 2017

GasPTi for the glass industry – take control of your industrial processes

Given the quantities of Natural Gas consumed during large industrial operations such as glass manufacture, even very slight changes in gas quality can have financial, operational and environmental implications in the  medium and long term. It would therefore seem self-explanatory that a cost-effective means of rapidly accurately monitoring gas quality would be ubiquitous in every large scale plant. At present, this is
not the case for a number of reasons:

  • Technological limitations: there have been very few
    advances in gas quality measurement until very
  • Lack of awareness: Plant designers are not experts
    in gas monitoring and may be unaware of the most
    effective technologies on the market, which do not
    require specialist knowledge or incur continuous
    maintenance and operational costs.

Following installation and commissioning, which was completed in a single day, the reduction in excess air to fuel ratio in their combustion mixture will lead to fuel savings of up to 8% and a payback time of just 8 weeks.  Following a request from the client, the GasPTi’s microcontroller has also been configured to calculate additional physical properties outside of the standard properties table. GasPTi is revolutionizing the
market for gas analysis and our growing list of successful installations now includes some of the largest manufacturers and LIU’s in Europe and the world.

Download the case study.